<span lang="fr">Matrice HDMI 4 entrées/2 sorties</span><span lang="en">4 in/ 2 out HDMI Matrix</span>

Matrice HDMI 4 entrées/2 sorties4 in/ 2 out HDMI Matrix

4X2 HDMI «Matrix» Switch   Le «Matrix» est constitué de 4 entrées HDMI et de 2 Sorties HDMI Il possède une télécommande + connexion RCA audio De version HDMI 1.3V il supporte le «Full HD 1080P»HD VIDEO PROCESSING - 4X2 HDMI Matrix Switch The Matrix is with 4HDMI inputs and 2 HDMI outputs It is a true Matrix and can distribute any one of 4 sources to either of displays, and can work as a splitter to show the same source on 2 displays simultaneo
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