<span lang="fr">Antenne TV HDTV d'extérieur Electronic Master (ANT5001)</span><span lang="en">Electronic Master HDTV Outdoor Antenna (ANT5001)</span>

Antenne TV HDTV d'extérieur Electronic Master (ANT5001)Electronic Master HDTV Outdoor Antenna (ANT5001)

Antenne TV HDTV amplifiée extérieure numérique Electronic Master ANT5001

Cette nouvelle antenne, conçue pour les gens qui aiment voyager, vous offre une remarquable qualité de réception TV ou FM pendant vos vacances!

Electronic Master HDTV Outdoor Antenna ANT5001

Outstanding TV and FM reception are yours in any recreational setting with this new "Active" antenna for one-the-go people.


 Actual Gain  (47-110MHz) 10-20dB
  (170-230MHz) 22-29dB
  (470-860MHz) 16-30dB
Front back ratio UHF 16-6 VHF 0
Half power angle 75Ω F type connector
Voltage standing wave ratio 2-3 
Noise figure 3.5dB-8dB 
Maximum Output level 100dB μ V
Power source AC110V/120mA or DC 12V/65mA
Applicable temperature -20°C∼+50°C
Wind surface 0.181m²
Wind Load 12.67KPa
Fixed mast diameter 15-56mmØ
Dimensions 680x470x50mm
Weight 0.95kg
Code 111062
50.24 49.99 + 0.25 Écofrais